Who we are

Our team consists of strong, experienced and committed individuals that are nurtured to work with sincerity and respect for others in achieving our goals, mission and vision of Farmasia. Our strong connection among the members of our team defines us as a family in a company. Upholding the values of Farmasia, our objective is non-other than to see the growth and success of our brands and company.

We believe in being the best that we can be in everything we do. We cherish the bonding we have among the team members in Farmasia and we believe we are stronger together as a team and this will make us go further.

Led by our Directors, whose mission is to both create a high value, high performing, and responsible corporate citizen and also focuses on the well-being of its precious human capital. Farmasia always set its goals strategically to achieve, as a team, for the betterment of the community and the nation.

Company Structure