Chitoheal Gel

Chitoheal Gel is a primary biological dressing consist of natural marine biopolymers. It maintains a moist wound environment and accelerates the healing rate. It attracts necessary cells and protein to generate faster healing process and forms secondary skin to protect the wound whilst reducing scars and keloids formation.

  • Active Ingredient : Chitosan Biopolymer
  • Antibacterial
  • Reduces scarring and prevents keloid formation
  • Promotes moist environment
  • Forms secondary skin to protect the wound
  • Fast wound healing and closure


• Minor Cuts and Scratches
• First and Second Degree Burns
• Abrasion
• Post-Surgery Wound
• Episiotomy

• Cesarean Wound
• Circumcision
• Diabetic Ulcer
• First Aid
• Umbellica Cord

Instruction For Use:

  • Clean the wound surface.
  • Apply a layer of Dr Wound Chitoheal Gel. .
  • Cover the area with secondary dressing if needed. For minor cuts, there is no requirement for secondary dressing.